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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


Focus Centers, PLLC has assembled professionals with experience and training in mental health, education, and applied psychophysiology.

At Focus Centers of Asheville we provide a unique approach to your healthcare that blends traditional mental health services with cutting edge neuro-technology.  We utilize EEG biofeedback (also known as neurofeedback), psychotherapy, psychological testing, qEEG brain imaging and educational consultation for children and adults with emotional, behavioral, stress and learning disorders.

The addition of neuro-technology to traditional mental health services is helping to create more significant and lasting change in the lives of our clients by teaching them to "self-regulate" their nervous system. Advancements in neuroscience have contributed to the development of biofeedback instruments that are now sensitive enough to enable our clients to change their brain waves, heart rhythms, blood flow and more.  Our clients are using these tools to help improve concentration, mood, anxiety, stress, sleep and other chronic health conditions. We invite you to contact our office to learn more about this technology as well as the other services we provide at Focus Centers of Asheville.

Focus Centers of Asheville contracts with other healthcare and academic institutions to design and create neuro-technology services "on campus."  Currently, we are operating biofeedback and neurofeedback programs on the campus of Evergreen Community Charter School, Asheville Christian AcademySolstice East, Asheville Academy for Girls,  Thompson Child & Family Focus, Montford Hall, National Church Residences, and Fletcher Park Inn


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